Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maintenance Of Our Computer

The Internet guide has information regarding Internet Child Safety, Email & Email Providers and a guide to Search Engines. The email section gives examples of what the different free email providers have to offer, as well as a beginners guide to email, which explains email-related jargon and how the email system works.

The search engine section contains tips and help on how to search the Internet. There is also a page with the major search engines, so that you can search each one from one single page.

The freeware / shareware section contains free computer programs and trials for you to try, and explains what freeware and shareware are.

The Stop Spam guide includes some tips for helping to decrease the amoutn of Spam you receive as well as how to report it.

Also included is a guide to web-hosting companies, which will help you find a web-hosting package that suits you.
Computer Maintenance Guide The maintenance guide will give you a number of useful ideas in order to keep your computer healthy and to ensure that it doesn't get slowed down by files that you don't need. This section contains guides including backing up, a look at surge protection and how to clean your mouse and your keyboard.

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