Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Searching for new mobile seller

If you have ever spent long days and nights searching for suppliers. If you've ever lost money to a scammer. If you're level of frustration is at its peak, then you need to hear my message...

If you could:

Take control of your future and make hundreds if not thousands per day
Live the life you've always wanted - the money, the home, the vacations
Get introduced to the underground wholesalers of the world's hottest selling electronics
Implement a step-by-step business model that is used by the Powersellers
Would you?

Or will you continue on with your fruitless internet searches?

Stop! And listen very closely to what I'm going to say...

Your search for wholesale suppliers of Apple iPods, Microsoft XBoxs, Sony PS3s, and cell phones is over.

I know these suppliers. I've used them. And I'm going to introduce you to them.

Why would I do this?

Because, I was exactly like you... only four years ago...

Fellow eBay hopeful,

If you have spent any amount of time searching for suppliers of authentic wholesale electronics, I am sure that by now you are frustrated. I know I was.

The problem is... you don't know who you can trust.

You've heard and read the horror stories. People getting scammed. Losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Searching the internet, message boards, forums, and chat rooms... all to no avail.

Most have given up by now... and that's a good thing. But not you...

You have miraculously hit upon the right site... for once.

For once you will have the opportunity that you have been searching for. The opportunity that can open up the flood gates of success. The opportunity that will allow you to be free from worry. The opportunity for happiness. The opportunity that until now has eluded you.

Or has it?...

Prepare yourself for what I'm about to tell you, because you will not like what you are about to hear...

You see, you've been lied to. You have been kept in the dark. Your chance at success has been withheld from you. It is no accident that you haven't found what you're looking for.

And I am one of the people that did this to you...

I'm not the only one. There are many of us.

We sell on eBay. We own websites. Some of us even have retail shoppes. We are a group of successful entrepreneurs that have made our own way.

We live the life you dream about.

We are the best of the best on eBay. The Powersellers.

We protect ourselves and our businesses. We talk to people like you on the eBay message boards all the time. We give you advice. We give you encouragement. And we tell you lies.

We tell you things like "You will not find good wholesalers on the internet." "Buying lists are a waste of time." Or "Attend trade shows and you will find good wholesalers".

And to be honest, they're not total lies. Because there is some truth in those statements. But in reality, those statements are smokescreens. Under the guise of helpfulness, we secretly hold you back. We are mostly hoping to dissuade you from starting a business in the first place.

We don't want you as competition.

Now I'm not sorry. So don't think I'm going to apologize. And if my personal situation hadn't changed, I'd still be doing this to you.

I'd be doing it to you because I'm not stupid. It took extreme effort, countless hours, sleepless nights, and a LOT of wasted money to be successful. It was in my best interest to keep you locked out. To keep you in the dark. To keep you running in circles.

Think about it for just a moment. If you had fought, scraped, and clawed your way into the top levels, would you just "be a nice guy" and let others in on it? So they could compete with you? And take with ease what you fought and worked so hard for? Of course you wouldn't.

Being successful in business sometimes requires ruthless tactics.

And I'm not exactly a "nice guy"...

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