Friday, April 24, 2009

Mobiles In 2020

shock for those predicting that it would be in the next few years or so!

According to a new report by the “Pew Internet & American Life Project”, people will only be using Mobile devices to access the net in around 2020. The “Future of the Internet III” study checked nearly “600 Internet experts” (I wonder what that means….) about how technology will influence things like net access - the result was that opinion was centred on 2020 as the year that will occur.

The experts believed that by 2020 there will changes in cost (of device and access), and also that universal standards will dominate. Another comment was that mobile devices will be computers rather phones.

Personally, I don’t go along with this at all - the thought that a universal standard for any tech could pervade the whole world, to my mind, is crazy. It’s been proven time and time again that not everyone likes standards, and even in the rare instances where they do, the fact that they require everyones’ agreement means they move very slowly.

To be fair, some of the experts that the research connected with were not in agreement with the main views - limitations such as device screen size, and operators’ interference were cited as issues.

Other key findings included the identification of voice recognition, and also touchscreens as being more common by 2020 - also that work/personal time divides will become more blurred - and that definitely is NOT good.

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